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We make bold decisions and are hungry for calculated risks

About us

What we stand for

At Price&Cost, we believe that professional services organisations deserve better tools for managing project financials. ERP systems are bloated, and spreadsheets are clunky.

Price&Cost is building a project financial management tool for today. We help agencies, consultancies and other project-based businesses precisely forecast and track their project’s vital financial metrics.

We help them ensure projects are on a path of financial success right from the beginning, and we give them the tools to continuously improve their cost-efficiency and profitability.


And our mindset

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We don’t have table-tennis areas (yet!) Hell, we don’t even have a gaming room with a PS4! (Soon, hopefully.) But what we have is a team of fanatical founders looking for partners to help us take Price&Cost to the next level.

We combine decades of knowledge and experience from all sort of areas: business, project management, consulting, operations, development, marketing, design, UX … you name it! We get most things right, but make mistakes as well. We don’t know it all, but we are confident we’ll find our way around it.

If you are looking for a comfortable, slow-paced, but unexciting job – look away. If, however, you want a challenge and have the guts to make it in a competitive world of B2B startups – read on!

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2 cosy offices - Finland or Estonia

Finland HQ

Vantaa, Finland

Estonia HQ

Tallinn, Estonia